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Vellum labels are a special type of label made from first-grade label paper. Their matte appearance and suitability for writing with a pen make them versatile for various applications. These labels are compatible with inkjet printers and barcode printers using the ribbon printing method. Vellum labels are often chosen for product labeling to add visual value with special designs. The surface structure allows for high-quality prints when used with a ribbon. However, since they are paper-based, their durability is limited. It is important to protect them from water, humidity, and temperature. Under proper conditions, vellum labels can last between 1 to 3 years.

To print on vellum labels using barcode printers, a ribbon is required, which enhances the print quality. Vellum labels are used not only for product identification and information but also in brand management, promotional events, and special occasions. Their custom designs and print quality help brands make their products unique and appealing. These labels effectively communicate important product information to consumers while also strengthening the brand image and attracting attention. This versatility highlights the broad application potential of vellum labels.