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Laminated thermal labels, also known as top thermal labels, are designed to function without the need for ribbon use in barcode printers, utilizing direct thermal printing instead. These labels are paper-based with a thermal coating on top, which is further protected by a laminate layer. The durability of laminated thermal labels varies depending on several factors, including environmental conditions, storage, and application areas. On average, the lifespan of a laminated thermal label ranges from 9 to 12 (or up to 15) months, although this can be influenced by exposure to elements such as water, humidity, and heat, as well as proper storage conditions and the specific industry in which they are used.

Laminated thermal labels are widely used in various applications due to their easy printing process and durability. In logistics, they are used on shipping packages to provide tracking information, enhancing efficiency in the distribution process through mobile usage. In healthcare, they are ideal for labeling medical devices, sample tubes, and patient information, often integrated with mobile barcode printers for effective patient tracking and data management. These labels are also preferred in outdoor applications where products are exposed to elements like sun, water, and friction, ensuring long-lasting readability and resilience. Different adhesive types, such as acrylic, non-perm, hotmelt, and deep freeze, cater to various needs, from standard use to non-residual, strong adhesion, and cold resistance.