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PP Opak Roll Labels are a type of label produced by coating polypropylene material that is harmless to health and can be customized with various adhesive types. Although commonly referred to as “plastic labels,” this term is not entirely accurate. These labels exhibit superior resistance to water, humidity, friction, heat, light, and tearing, making them more durable and tear-resistant than coated paper labels due to their plastic content. PP Opak Roll Labels find extensive application in the automotive, white goods, chemical, cosmetics, food, furniture, and glass industries. They are used to meet the needs of brand promotion and information provision in these sectors. Available in three different surface types—Opak PP Glossy, Opak PP Matte, and PP Transparent—these labels enhance the visual appeal of products, with the glossy surface boosting aesthetic appeal, the matte surface adding elegance and sophistication, and the transparent surface highlighting the originality of the products by showing the background.

These labels are widely used in product labeling processes. With special design options, various adhesive types, and the use of ribbon, PP Opak Roll Labels provide an ideal solution for securely labeling products while adding aesthetic value. Their durability, wide range of applications, and various surface options make PP Opak Roll Labels a reliable tool for brand promotion in industrial sectors. The features of PP Opak Roll Labels include high resistance to water, humidity, friction, heat, light, and tearing; they are also tear-resistant and long-lasting due to their plastic content. Additionally, these labels are environmentally friendly, often made from recyclable materials, aligning with sustainable packaging practices. They offer visual appeal and ease of application, fitting various packaging types and ensuring quick labeling of products.